Welcome to the BPSA

This is the official website of the British Philosophy of Sport Association (BPSA). The BPSA is the UK organisation associated with the study of the nature and values of human movement, including the ethics and the unique values of games, play, and sport. Our purpose is to provide avenues and opportunities for those interested in philosophical issues in sport; to present their ideas and network with others. We hold an annual conference, with a tri-annual joint conference with the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport, and have members from across the world.

Apart from our news, you can find out more about the structure of the BPSA, and check the details about  BPSA membership (you do not have to be British or live in the UK to join). As part of the membership fee you will receive online access and four print editions of the esteemed Sport, Ethics and Philosophy journal published by Routledge. You will also receive access to our online seminars.

In addition,  on our website you can find information about our meetings and annual conferences, and various further resources, including links to various relevant discussion groups and organizations, as well as general overviews of the philosophy of sport and ethics and sport – of great use to anybody seeking a basic orientation within these fields.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an Executive Member of the BPSA.