CFP: SEP special issue on “Phenomenology and Sport”

A Special Issue of the journal Sport, Ethics and Philosophy will be produced for 2011. Edited by Irena Martinkova and Jim Parry, it will be devoted to the traditions of Continental Philosophy, and especially to Phenomenological approaches to Sport, Sports-related practices and to Sports Ethics.

Whilst happy to consider contributions of any philosophical kind, we see this Issue as a special opportunity to bring phenomenological work to a wider audience, and to stimulate future work in this field. In aiming to contribute to the wider dissemination and discussion of phenomenological methods and traditions, we will view favourably contributions on any issue in relation to Philosophy of Sport, which provided one or more of the following in application to sports (broadly conceived):

  • exegesis of and critical commentary on central thinkers, texts or traditions
  • clear introduction and discussion of central concepts in phenomenology
  • explicit reference to methodological issues

Papers must be prepared in English. Mindful of the difficulties faced by colleagues in preparing a text in a second or third language, the Editors are very keen to encourage contributors to submit early versions of papers for comment and for advice on language issues. So we are happy to receive abstracts and full paper submissions any time from now.

Please also note that the First International Conference of the European Association of Philosophy of Sport, in conjunction with the British Philosophy of Sport Association, will take place at Charles University in Prague 19-21 May 2011, organised by Irena Martinkova and Jim Parry. The call for conference abstracts is available here.

Papers prepared for the conference may also be considered for inclusion in this Issue – but given the lead time for the Journal, papers to be submitted for the Special Issue must follow a separate timetable from Conference submissions (see above). Also, we wish to emphasise from the outset that, because of the very tight production timetable for journal issues, there is no room for negotiation over submission dates. Papers not entirely finalized by the 15th December 2010 cannot be included.

Guidelines for Abstracts and Contributions

  • Abstract of paper (200-300 words) final submission date is 15 December 2009.
  • Accepted authors will receive notification by 30 January 2010.
  • The submission deadline (absolute) for accepted papers is 15 December 2010.
  • Final papers should be between 5000-7000 words.
  • Preferred format is MS Word.
  • Abstracts/papers should be submitted electronically to

Enquiries should be directed to Dr Irena Martinkova or Dr Jim Parry.